Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

The Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 2005 to recognize members for their long-time commitment to association and the industry.

 2016 Marylee I. Bendig
Marty Majka
Bonnie Nyikes
Sue Van Woerkom
 2015                   Connie Anzuini
Dave Bible
Terry Bryant
Anita Graves
Michael Jones
Kathy Shiflet 
 2014 Bob Case
Jill Fergus
Robert McCarthy
Linda Whiting
Lyn Williams
 2013 Gary Francis Mar’ Hartley
 2012 Kristine Aldemir
David W. Arthur
Randy J Best
Nancy Byrd
Debora Collier
Teddy B. Griffin
Michael Nacerino
 2011 Shari D. Carroll Stacy H. McVey 
 2010 Bill Benninghofen
Judith A. Mosier
Mary A. Sguerra
 2009 Lynn Cook
Mandy L. Harless
Jeanette (Jan) Johnson
Christopher J. Pedon
George Van Lent 
 2008 Ron Hobelman  
 2007 Chip Parrish
Sue Parrish
Jill Rudler
 2006 Barbara Hoyer
Lynda Long
Milt Lustnauer
Brian Kemp
Sara Walsh 

2005 Charter Members

In creating this pinnacle award, it was noted that there are members of the Columbus REALTORS® who have made tremendous contributions to the organization over the years and who may not otherwise meet the new Lifetime Achievement Award criteria. In other words, these members were active at one time but may not be as involved now.

In consideration of those members, a task force was appointed by the Sales Advisory Committee to review a comprehensive list of potential award candidates. The list included all Columbus REALTORS® members who have received the 25 Million Dollar Award to date and a partial listing of their committee activity.

As a result, these 56 were selected as Charter Members of the Lifetime Achievement Award. The following members, although possibly not active in the Columbus REALTORS® currently, have all received the 25 Million Dollar Award and have been a Columbus REALTORS® member for 25 consecutive years.

Susan Allardyce
Dee Amsler
Rick Benjamin
Jennie Briggs
Sam Calhoon
Tom Calhoon
Mary Kay Calhoun
Sandy Campbell
Lyn Charobee
Bill Clifford
Ted Coleman
P.J. Connor
Bruce Dooley
Marge Drake
Jan Engel
Xandra Falenski
Phil Giessler
Thomas M. Goetz
Jean Grubb
David Hartsook
James S. Henley
Peg HigginBotham
Maggie Huff
Patt Hummer
Paul Hunt
Mike Irwin
Bettsy Jack
Joe Jackson
Ana Johnson
Pat Kearns-Davis
Phil Krieger
Brian Kuyper
Barbara Lach
Sue Lusk-Gleich
Tom Goetz
Jerry Lux
Doug McCloud
Kurt McCurdy
Bob Miller
Barbara Neff
Ethel Novak
Gary Parsons
Felix Pedon
Chris Reese
Marian Reitano

Ron Robins
Ann Salyer
Judy Schultz
Sandy Schupp
Nancy Sharp
Pauline Tingley
Tom Trigg
Charlotte Van Steyn
Rick Weber
Bob Weiler
Doug Welch
Jerry White
Bev Woodford

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Sample press release - Lifetime Achievement Award (manager)

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