As a real estate agent, you work with many people in remote or vacant locations so it is critical that you learn how to protect yourself and your clients. Prepare for all types of situations - open houses, in the office, in the car, talking on the phone, advertising and more.

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03/22/18 - Agent robbed at gunpoint during open house (CA)
02/08/18 - Homeowner shot after threatening contractor (CA)
04/20/17 - Local Realtor raped on the job in South Bend
06/03/16 - Police arrest two men after body found in South Side garage fire
08/11/15 - Manatee Realtor attacked during home showing
06/08/15 -Gunman attacks two real estate agents in St. Petersburg, Florida
05/07/15 - Ga. Sheriff charged in agent shooting
04/28/15 - REALTOR® kidnapped at gunpoint in Arkansas
03/17/15 - Ariz. agent sexually assaulted during open house 
02/17/15 - San Antonio real estate agent survives attack
01/09/15 - California agent held at gunpoint during showing 
09/25/14 - Police find body of slain Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter
10/22/13 - New string of attacks against agents 
09/22/10 - 2 Ohio real estate agents killed; another robbed 
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