Map 2015

1. Columbus REALTORS®

This year’s project will include seven different mini-projects on W. Broad Street in West Franklinton. More info

2. Bexley-Eastmoor-Berwick Realty Association

Assisting with litter abatement in their community. Contact: Angela Niermeyer (614) 352-8286. More info


Outside clean up at the Heinzerling Foundation on Columbus’ west side, a non-profit organization which serves clients with severe or profound developmental disabilities. Contact: Contact: James Mangas (614) 570-9488. More info

4. Delaware County Board of REALTORS®

Painting and landscaping at the Second Ward Community Center. Contact: Stephanie Van Gundy (740) 816-1031. More info

5. Delaware Knox Licking Morrow Suburban Realty Association

Landscaping, painting, fixing garage doors and siding for a recent widow struggling to keep up with her yard and family obligations. Contact: Lorri Hughes Pritchard (614) 747-3710. More info

6. Greater Dublin Realty Association

Working at the Dublin Food Pantry Warehouse. Contact: Dave Summers (614) 595-5598. More info

7. Greater Worthington Area Real Estate Association

Planting a community garden and sprucing up the grounds at Stafford Village (assisted living). Contact: Meegan Jesuele (614) 582-3109. More info
Recipient of the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant for their 2014 RCD project! 

8. Hilliard Area Realty Association

Assisting in beautification and care packaging for seniors at the Hilliard Senior Center. Contacts: Kathy Petrohilos (614) 946-3298; Melissa Mamula (614) 743-4022. More info


Clean up, rebuild and possibly harvest crops for Franklinton Gardens which provides fresh produce to local community members and food pantries by turning abandoned lots into gardens. Contact: Angi Carey (614) 256-7368. More info

10. Madison County Area Realty Association

Contributed towards the replacement of the rear gate house (main gate for fair traffic) at the Madison County Fairgrounds. Contact: Marti Schmidt (614) 769-7653. More info

11. Midtown Area Realty Association

Volunteering at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House putting together welcome bags for new families checking in. Contact: Ann Hunger (614) 578-3752. More info

12. North Area Real Estate Association

Helping a single, elderly Clintonville resident with exterior painting and landscaping. Contact: Jeff Mahler (614) 832-7139. More info

13. New Albany Realty Association

Providing potted plants and a tea party for residents of New Albany Gardens & Care Center. Contact: Jaime Lemon 582-3698. More info.

14. Pickaway County Realty Association

Painting picnic tables, doors and posts, mulching and edging sidewalks, spreading gravel in parking area and possibly purchasing bleachers and/or benches for Marvin Webster Memorial Park in South Bloomfield. Contact: Sherol Saxton (614) 519-6465 More info
Recipient of the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant for their 2015 RCD project!  

15.  Southeast Area Realty Association

Working in conjunction with the local fire department to purchase and install smoke detectors in homes without them in Canal Winchester and Obetz. Contact: Pam Allen (614) 403-0072  More info

16.  Southern Delaware County Realty Association

Supporting People in Need of Delaware County (food bank) with food donations and sorting/organizing. Contacts: Carol Sommer (614) 747-3197;Chris Anderson (614) 563-4663. More info

17. Tri County Area Realty Association

1) Helping former member/broker Michael Kocher (who has been very ill) with yard work/landscaping, staining the deck, cleaning & painting 1st floor rooms, painting exterior trim, power washing, chimney cleaning, pest control and masonry work; 2) Visiting residents at Echo Manor (nursing home/rehabilitation center) for food, music and social time; 3) food drive for Reynoldsburg Helping Hands Food Pantry. Contacts: Kathryn Stintsman (740) 777-0896; Chad Shirer (614) 774-8003. More info Recipient of the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant for their 2014 RCD project! 

18. Northwest Area Realty Association

Yard clean up and some panting for a retired teacher living in the home in which she grew up but no longer able to keep up with the maintenance. Contact: Tony Macaluso (614) 778-4028. More info

19. Columbus Southwest Area Realty Association

Landscaping, cleaning and mulching at the Kingston Ave. Admin Building. Contact: Shawn Barral (614) 774-9847 More info.  

20. Westerville Area Realty Association

Cleaning out landscape beds and planting veggies for the residents at Friendship Village. They will also be weather proofing benches.  Contact: Sheri Foster (614) 638-6625. More info.

21. Gahanna Area Realty Association 

Yard work and improvements for an resident caring for her elderly mother and two small grandchildren. Contacts: Brenda Carsey (614) 542-9693. More info.

22. Mills Realty & Friends

Cleaning out a vacant building that the city of Lancaster is acquiring to turn into an indoor farmers market for the community. This is the group's first year participating in REALTOR® Care Day. Contact: Bethany Alexander Mills (614) 315-0071. More info.


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