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1. Columbus REALTORS®

This year, the association’s main project will include three different projects in the King Lincoln District. We'll be enhancing the E. Long St. corridor (between Garfield and 17th St.); enhancing an outdoor dining area; and creating a green space along this corridor. More info

2. Bexley-Eastmoor-Berwick Realty Association

Picking up trash in their community. Meeting on June 5, 2014 at 9a at the Rusty Bucket Tavern. Contact: Joe Peffer  (614) 940-9100  More info


Outside clean up at the Heinzerling Foundation on Columbus’ west side, a non-profit organization which serves clients with mental retardation. Contact: Contact: Jay Zollars (614) 374-5050 More info

4. Delaware County Board of REALTORS®

Planting flowers (both real and cast iron) at the Delaware YMCA. Contact: Julie Horvath (740) 602-3320. More info

5. Delaware Knox Licking Morrow Suburban Realty Association

Major landscaping, window washing and carpet cleaning for a Sunbury couple who have fallen on hard times due to health issues. Contact: Becky Payne (740) 398-4989 More info

6. Greater Dublin Realty Association

In the morning, GDRA will be at the Dublin Food Pantry preparing food orders for distribution and assisting in maintenance of the warehouse operation. In the afternoon, they will be providing general seasonal exterior maintenance for recently widowed senior citizen. Contacts: Jeff Buroff (614) 554-3798 and Chryssa Gartner (614) 402-3269 More info

7. Greater Worthington Area Real Estate Association

Clean, paint, landscape and organize for a long time REALTOR® Joe Hart. Contact: Sarah Mullen (614) 477-4626  More info

8. Hilliard Area Realty Association

Garden planting and enhancements for Patches of Light, an organization which helps families with critically ill children. The mission of their Little Acorn Children's Garden is to teach children, and adults, how to live a healthy, happy, hope filled life. Contact: Kathy Petrohilos (614) 946-3298 Located behind Hilliard Community Center More info


Clean up, rebuild and possibly harvest crops for Franklinton Gardens which provides fresh produce to local community members and food pantries by turning abandoned lots into gardens. Working from 1-4pm. Contacts: Angi Carey (614) 256-7368 or Rebecca Miller (614) 255-9209 More info

10. Licking North Central Realty Association

Yard work and improvements for an elderly couple and another elderly woman in Johnstown. Contact: Dawn King (740) 618-8115 More info

11. Madison County Area Realty Association

Adding flowers and painting a new building at the Madison County Fairgrounds. Contact: Cari Roeder (937) 323-5172 More info

12. Midtown Area Realty Association

Landscape, clean-up and planting perennials at the Homeless Families Foundation. Contact: Terri Dickey (614) 255-0616 More info

13. New Albany Realty Association

Planting trees and beautifying the Ealy House historical building for the New Albany Historical Society. Contact: Ann Sullivan (614) 944-5988 More info

14. North Area Real Estate Association

Painting, landscaping, planting and doing some general maintenance for long time member, Don Emrick and work for a woman in her 60's that lives alone and has health issues. Contact: Emmanuel Remy (614) 453-5007 More info

15. Northwest Area Realty Association

Yard clean up and painting for a retired teacher who is no longer able to keep up with the maintenance of her childhood home in which she currently is living. Contact: Tony Macaluso (614) 778-4028 More info

16. Pickaway County Realty Association

Paint and plant flowers at Ashville Community Park – where a large number of Pickaway County residents enjoy the Fourth of July Celebration each year. Contact: Sherol Saxton (614) 519-6465 More info

17.  Southeast Area Realty Association

Stocking shelves at the Canal Winchester Local Food Pantry. Contact: Pam Allen (614) 403-0072  More info

18.  Southern Delaware County Realty Association

Supporting People in Need of Delaware County (food bank) with food donations and sorting/organizing. Contact: Carol Sommer (614) 747-3197 More info

19. Tri County Area Realty Association

Providing cleanup, landscape borders, mulch, flowers and repairs for a 96-year old Reynoldsburg homeowner who was recently widowed; Visiting residents at Echo Manor (nursing home/rehabilitation center) to spend time, bake cookies, play games, etc. Contact: Janis Francis (614) 561-3199  More info

20. Westerville Area Realty Association

Fixing gutters & downspouts, weeding, trimming hedges, mulching and fence work for a homeowner in Huber Ridge. Contact: Sheri Foster (614) 638-6625 More info

21. West/Southwest Area Realty Association

Landscaping the entry feature for Breck Park; landscaping around the new water tower at Fryer Park. Meet at 9:30a at Fryer Park. Contact: Rick Brunton (614) 323-5938 More info

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