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June 7, 2017
Our 13th annual REALTOR® Care Day on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 was a great success. Over 600 volunteers worked on 45 community service projects all over central Ohio investing over $73,300 in one day! All projects. See photos!

REALTOR® Care Day is an annual event where central Ohio REALTORS®, affiliates, family and friends volunteer their time to give back to their communities. With careful planning, preparation and the dedication of many volunteers, it's amazing how much can be accomplished in one day.

REALTOR® Care Day started with one community service project in 2005. This year's event involves 24 groups working on  45 projects all over central Ohio! Since its inception, REALTOR® Care Day has resulted in over $442,400 invested back into our communities.

Although REALTORS® donate time and talent to their communities throughout the year, this one day event focuses the energy of hundreds of volunteers in areas all over the central Ohio area.

REALTOR® Care Day is funded through the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation. Area realty associations are offered matching funds (up to $500 each) to help fund their community service efforts for this event. Additional assistance is received from many individuals and companies through in-kind donations of money, goods and services.

The REALTOR® Care Day Weiler Grant, established in 2014, was created to recognize Area Realty Association projects that exemplify the principles of REALTOR® Care Day. Each year, one association will receive an additional $500 in funding which they may use towards their REALTOR® Care Day project the following year. 

REALTOR® Care Day - June 8, 2016
23 groups, 40 projects, 484 volunteers! Over $38,257 re-invested!

In 2016, volunteers worked on 12 homes and a community garden in the Reeb-Hosack neighborhood in Columbus’ south side. In addition, 22 area realty associations hosted community service projects all over central Ohio!

Both the Greater Worthington Area Real Estate Association and the Tri-County Area Realty Association were awarded our REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant in honor of their 2016 REALTOR® Care Day projects. Read more about their projects.

REALTOR® Care Day - June 3, 2015
22 groups, 29 projects, 475 volunteers! Over $32,656 re-invested!

In 2015, the main project included several beautification projects on W. Broad Street in Franklinton. In addition, 21 area realty association hosted community service projects all over central Ohio!

In 2015, the Pickaway County Realty Association was awarded the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler Grant for their work at the Marvin Webster Memorial Park in South Bloomfield. Read more about their project.

REALTOR® Care Day - June 4, 2014
21 groups, 30 projects, 531 volunteers! Over $45,000 re-invested!

The 2014 main project included enhancements on the Long Street corridor in the King Lincoln District of Columbus. In addition, 20 area realty association hosted community service projects all over central Ohio!

In 2014, the Tri-County Realty Association and the Greater Worthington Area Realty Association were both awarded the REALTOR® Care Day Weiler grant in honor of their 2014 REALTOR® Care Day projects. Read more  about their projects.
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