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About the Columbus and Central Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (MLS)

The Columbus and Central Ohio Regional Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (MLS) is a computerized network of more than 700 cooperating real estate offices. The MLS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbus REALTORS®. Within this service, thousands of professional real estate brokers and sales associates share listing and sale information and work together to serve the buying and selling public. The MLS has been successfully helping Columbus sell homes since 1955. Click here to view home sales statistics.

In order to participate in the MLS, licensed brokers and their sales associates must be a member of MLS. This ensures buyers and sellers, as well as the other participants in the MLS, that the agencies they cooperate with will apply the same standards and agree to adhere to the same rules of conduct and professionalism.

The MLS full-featured, web-based Multiple Listing Service system that includes listing search and maintenance, the ability to search offices and members, hot sheets, reports and CMAs, statistics, mapping and driving directions, customizable reporting, e-mail, integrated tax, financial functions, automated prospect searches, customized client portals and much more.

The MLS is a live database. Changes made are immediately available. A listing is searchable, printable, and can be e-mailed soon after the listing agent enters the listing and gets a “confirmation” with an MLS number assigned. Agents can enter, edit, and change the status of their own listings. They can also do searches against all active listings in the MLS database and create CMA reports from sold listings.


Under the long-established policy of the Columbus REALTORS®, the Ohio Association of REALTORS®, and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, the broker’s compensation for services rendered in respect to any listing is solely a matter of negotiation between the broker and his or her client, and is not fixed, controlled, recommended, or maintained by any persons not a party to the listing agreement. The compensation paid by a listing broker to a cooperating broker in respect to any listing is established by the listing broker and is not fixed, controlled, recommended, or maintained by any persons other than the listing broker.

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