Founded in 1908, Columbus REALTORS® is a professional trade association comprised of almost 8,000 real estate professionals engaged in residential sales and leasing, commercial sales and leasing, property management, appraisal, consultation, real estate syndication, land development and more.


Columbus REALTORS® provides leadership for the REALTOR® community by protecting the interests of its members, promoting their value to the real estate consumer, setting high standards for professional practice, and advocating private property rights.

  • We believe that REALTORS® add long-term value to the real estate transaction.
  • We believe that the REALTOR® designation represents the highest standard of ethics and professionalism in the practice of real estate.
  • We believe in a commitment to lifelong learning, and personal and professional development.
  • We believe that the organization and its members have a responsibility to contribute to the health and welfare of our community.
  • We believe that by acting in the best interests of REALTORS®, we also act in the best interests of the real estate consumer.
  • We believe in the protection of individual property rights.
  • We believe in the representation and protection of the interests of all REALTORS®.


  1. To be the political voice in central Ohio to insure the laws and regulations are conducive to the success of our members and to protection of private property rights.
  2. To have all members conducting their business with high ethical standards and professionalism.
  3. To recognize the value and importance of cultural diversity within the membership and communities that we serve.
  4. To have members who are knowledgeable, skilled, and successful in every aspect of their business.
  5. To increase awareness of the value of REALTORS® in and to the community.
  6. To facilitate cooperation and compensation between members throughout central Ohio through a common, accurate listing database 
  7. To increase members’ understanding of the value of Columbus REALTORS® and its services.
  8. To create opportunities for strong leadership development.
  9. To build and maintain a fiscally sound and responsible organization with the capacity to achieve its mission and vision.

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