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In 2010, the Columbus REALTORS® made a commitment that it would seek to nurture potential industry and community leaders. Since then, each year 12 REALTORS® embark on a journey designed to help you develop your expertise in business, public speaking, leadership, government, outreach and, of course, the real estate industry.

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  • 12 REALTORS® selected per class 
  • $850 tuition (non-refundable)
  • Attendance at all programs is required
  • Application Deadline: Aug. 1, 2018
  • REALTOR® member in good standing for the last three years (as of Aug. 1 of the current year).
  • Demonstrated leadership attributes including, but not limited to: people skills, courage, decisiveness, integrity, creativity, curiosity, big-picture thinking
  • Two letters of recommendation. Address to: Barbara Lach, Chair, Leadership Academy Advisory Board. email, fax to (614) 475-4091 or mail to 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219.
  • Signed application which includes commitment to attend all Leadership Academy programs.
2019-2020 PROGRAM
  1. Meet & Greet - Sept. 9 (1-6p)
  2. The Amazing Race – Columbus - Sept. 26 (8:00a-5p)
  3. It’s Not Personal, It’s Business...Development - Oct. 21 (8:30a-5p)
  4. REALTOR® Family Tree - Nov. 18 (8:30a-5p)
  5. Connection & Influence - Jan. 16 (8:30a-5p)
  6. Speak Up! - Feb. 11 (8:30a-5p)
  7. See Your Government in Action - March 20 (8:30a-5p)
  8. You get what you give - April 3 (8:30a-5p)
  9. Graduation - May 7 (1:30-7p)
  • Develop leadership skills applicable to all levels of the individual’s life – personal, professional, community and association
  • Develop future leaders for our communities and association. The Leadership Academy is not just for members interested in leadership at Columbus REALTORS® – but also for those who are interested in developing your personal and professional skills and/or becoming a leader in your company, community, philanthropy, etc.
  • Increase awareness of real estate and association management issues and challenges, purpose, structure and benefits of the national, state and local associations for our industry
  • Acquaint and expand candidate’s knowledge of community and government initiatives and programs identifying how they relate to our businesses and families.
  • Improve candidate’s people, team building and communication skills in order to develop a more effective leader.


2018-19 Leadership Academy Class

"Leadership Academy is well worth the time, money and commitment. I feel honored to be a part of everything and know that I will continue to use my experiences in my personal life and career forever! Thank you, Leadership Academy, for the amazing and life changing experience!" - Megan Martin, Class of 2018-2019

"Leadership Academy is one of those once in lifetime experiences! You will never experience anything else that compares and I feel extremely privileged and fortunate to have been chosen as a candidate for the 2018-2019 Class!" - Ann Hunger, Class of 2018-2019

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"Going though Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy was an experience I will never forget. It has touched every part of my life, not just my work. An excellent investment in yourself and your future." - Traci Klingler, Class of 2017-2018

"The Leadership Academy went beyond my expectation. I learned more about the great city I grew up in. I came to know and love some terrific REALTORS® and most importantly, I learned more about myself. I will always be grateful for my Leadership Academy experience." - Debbie McNichols, Class of 2017-2018

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"Leadership Academy prepares you for life. This was an excellent way to improve my personal skills, expand my mind and gave me an opportunity to explore this amazing community. This is one training experience you never regret signing up for or forget what you have learned." - Lisa Gibbs, Class of 2016-2017

"Leadership Academy is an incredible experience that will truly challenge you, and I’d recommend it to any of my other Realtor friends out there. You’ll learn so much about this great city we live in … and a few things about yourself as well." - David Gill, Class of 2016-2017

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"Leadership Academy was an incredible adventure. I had the opportunity to grow as a REALTOR® and leader in a variety of ways.  The time & investment in this program will pay dividends in my personal life and career for years to come. The friendships made with the 11 other candidates are priceless."  – Mandy Harless, Class of 2015-16

"This program was inspirational as well as educational.  I learned more about myself and my community in eight months than in my previous 40 years."  - Matt Long, Class of 2015-16

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"What an extraordinary way to experience Columbus!  You gave us access to people and places we never would have on our own. And even as a lifelong resident, I discovered things about Columbus I never knew. Thank you to opening our minds to so many possibilities. Through this program we have witnessed the results of leaders who have come before us and have learned lessons that will help us go forward to do our part." – Sarah Eagleson, Class of 2014-15

"The Leadership Academy is a great way to learn more about not only our Association, but our city, our Government, and the opportunities for Leadership roles beyond your real estate career." – Stacy McVey, Class of 2014-15

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"The training in Leadership Academy taught me how to think, act and become the leader I always thought I had inside of me. It opened my eyes to ways I can serve my community, clients, family and friends. The resources you get exposed to, lead to serving opportunities that go well beyond your profession. Your role as a leader will forever be evolving." – Arnold DeSena, 2013/14 graduate

"I have been in the real estate business for 26 years and this program opened my eyes to many different aspects of life! You can always do things better." – John Royer, 2013/14 graduate

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“The Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy is a well thought out, well executed program for any member that is interested in leadership or may already be a leader. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader.” – Emmanuel Remy, 2012/13 graduate

“Most diverse experience of meeting important, interesting, and diverse group of leaders in our community. The opportunity to meet people and learn about their jobs and organizations was invaluable and will be remembered for the rest of my life.” – Jay Zollars, 2012/13 graduate

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"The Leadership Academy provided the opportunity for me to develop, improve, expand, and strengthen my personal and professional leadership and communications skills. I would recommend the academy to anyone wanting to increase their leadership capabilities." – Shad Phipps, 2011-2012 class graduate

"Of all the leadership roles I have been in over the past 34 years in Real Estate, I found there is so much more to learn. The Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy is a great way to expand your knowledge and keep you growing in leadership." – Jill Rudler, 2011-2012 class graduate

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