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Just like any large sector of the economy, the real estate industry is profoundly affected by legislation and government action. That is why Columbus REALTORS® is committed to keeping you abreast of policy changes and issues that impact your business every day.

Day to Day Representation and Grassroots Activities

Your Columbus REALTORS® membership makes you part of one of the most powerful and influential grassroots lobbying efforts in the country. As the only advocacy group in America that fights exclusively for homeownership, real estate investment and strong communities, the REALTOR® party is not focused on the right or left, rather it is focused solely on the issues that matter for homeowners and real estate industry practitioners.

If you don’t have a seat at the table – you’re probably on the menu

Volunteer leaders and staff work daily with lawmakers, regulators, and affiliated industry organizations to represent the industry, protecting both you and your clients best interests.

Recent achievements include saving local central Ohio commercial REALTOR® members hundreds of thousand of dollars in proposed sign ordinance fees, helping to streamline the Ohio municipality tax structure, and the elimination of proposed sales tax legislation at the state level. However it is often the proposed legislation that you don’t hear about that is most important.

It’s not just about protecting your bottom line. REALTORS® lead the way in investment in our communities. Helping to build coalitions of leaders from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, REALTORS® work to address issues and legislation most critical to creating housing affordability, smart growth, fair housing, and educational opportunity.

Active engagement in political activity is the right of every citizen but is a responsibility for every REALTOR® - get involved and make a difference today.

Government Affairs Resources

Interested in receiving weekly local government affairs updates? Contact Brent Swander

For more information, contact either of the following Columbus REALTORS® staff:

Brent Swander, Vice President of Government Affairs (614) 475-4000

Ida Seitter, Director of Development (614) 528-1104

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