Code of Ethics

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

Professional Standards

Columbus REALTORS® is a local trade association, chartered by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), charged with the responsibility of enforcing standards for professional conduct, or the Code of Ethics, within the association's membership.

Though not a governmental or licensing agency, upon receiving a formal complaint Columbus REALTORS® may, through its Grievance and Professional Standards Committees, conduct hearings to enforce those professional standards among its REALTOR® members.

An "Ethics Complaint" may be filed by a member of the public or by a REALTOR®, alleging specific violations of one or more of the seventeen Articles of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®. Hearing panel decisions are reached after careful review of evidence supplied by complainants and respondents.  

Another type of action is called a "Request for Arbitration." An arbitration hearing, or the alternative service of mediation, settles disputes between REALTORS® that arise out of the business of real estate.  In certain circumstances a client of a REALTOR® may also invoke Arbitration.

The Grievance and Professional Standards committees are composed of experienced REALTORS® well trained in state and association standards. They are responsible for ensuring due process is afforded to all parties and that all matters are handled expeditiously and in the strictest confidence.


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