Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange (COCIE)


The Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange (COCIE) is a property database which, unlike a listing database (i.e. a traditional MLS), includes an inventory of all properties whether listed or not.

Created in the fall of 2005, COCIE consolidated the Columbus REALTORS® commercial listings, Columbus Commercial Industrial Investment REALTORS® (CCIIR) listings and the CREX (Xceligent) property database.

In 2018, Catylist was selected as the vendor for COCIE.

Access is available to Columbus REALTORS® members, non-members and developers. Limited access is also available to utility companies, economic development directors, attorneys, and accountants.

Both Columbus REALTORS® members and non-members are able to enter listings in COCIE as well as their own listing photo(s) and attachments. However, only COCIE Participant listings will display on the Commercial Property Search available to the public.

The Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange (COCIE), is a comprehensive commercial property database which includes:

  • commercial properties in central Ohio - Office, Industrial, Retail, Special Use, Land, and Multi-Family (over 4 units)
  • Business opportunities for sale
  • active For Sale and For Lease properties
  • listing Verified Tenant Database
  • Fully Researched Sales Comps and Lease Transactions


The public can access the COCIE property database which contains active listing data submitted by Participants. Each Participant's consent for display of their listing data is presumed unless request to "opt out" is provided in writing. A Participant that opts out may not display on its public web site (including by framing any other website), the listing of any other COCIE Participant. Search COCIE listings.


The primary difference between a property database (the Central Ohio CIE) and a listing database (i.e. a traditional MLS) is that a property database system includes an inventory of all properties whether listed or not. To submit your listing to COCIE, contact [email protected].


As a property database, COCIE does not require an offer of compensation. This issue will need to be negotiated between brokers. The filing of information with the COCIE by a Participant acting on behalf of a seller or lessor does not, in and of itself, constitute an offer of cooperation. Any Participant, or licensee with a Participant wishing to cooperate in the marketing of the property must contact the filing Participant to determine the type of cooperation offered, the compensation offered (if any) and the terms and conditions upon which the property being offered may be shown.

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