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Friday, July 10, 2020 1:30 pm

Committee Report: Leadership Academy won’t host new class in 2020

By Katie Davis Spence, Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Leadership Academy was designed in 2010, when Columbus REALTORS® made a commitment that it would seek to nurture potential industry and community leaders.

The Leadership Academy seeks to develop future leaders for our communities, our industry, and our Association.

The objective of Leadership Academy is to develop expertise in business, public speaking, leadership, government, outreach and, of course, the real estate industry. The class runs mid-year to mid-year and includes nine courses: Meet & Greet, The Amazing Race, It’s Not Personal, It’s Business… Development, Realtor® Family Tree, Connection & Influence, Speak Up, See Your Government In Action, You Get What You Give and, finally, Graduation Day!

The Leadership Academy Advisory Board helps brainstorm, plan, and run the days and events for each Leadership Academy class. Specifically, they raise awareness about the program, interview and select candidates, and coordinate the days/programs for that specific year’s Leadership Academy.

The Advisory Board meets regularly to review and discuss past sessions, and plan for the future sessions. We review feedback from the current class to modify and improve the sessions to ensure our Leadership Academy class has an informative, memorable, and fun-filled experience.

One of the most fun parts of being on the Advisory Board is getting to attend and help run the current class sessions. Each board member will be part of one to two sessions each year and the committee chair, as well as staff liaison attend every session.

The Board currently consists of fourteen individuals including our chair, Kelly Thacker; Vice Chair, Katie Davis Spence; and staff liaison, Marqué Bressler-Preininger. Members are appointed for three-year terms.

At the end of the year, each Leadership Academy class appoints a member of their class to serve on the Leadership Academy Advisory Board.

While many committee members have completed the Leadership Academy class in the past, it is not required. Overall, the committee looks for individuals who are involved in our communities and associations and exemplify leaders within. We look for people that are well connected and positive influences within their brokerages, communities and the Association.

Due to COVID-19, our current class was not able to complete all sessions and graduate as scheduled, so the Leadership Academy Advisory Board met and determined this year’s class with be completed in 2021. We want to ensure that the candidates are able to fully experience the entire program and benefit from the many sessions that have been put together for them.

Assuming things improve, Leadership Academy will continue their scheduled classes and graduate next year, and, come 2021/2022, we will resume a typical schedule for the Leadership Academy. The two members of our advisory board scheduled to end their three-year term will be staying on and we will be looking to appoint two new committee members at the completion of the current class’s session next spring.

The Leadership Academy Advisory Board is a wonderful opportunity that allows for those who completed the program and can not get enough of it to remain on and continue to foster and enrich the experience, as well as includes individuals that we know will add value and substance to our already remarkable program.


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