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Monday, June 29, 2020

Columbus REALTORS® Re-Entry Plan

Until further notice, the Association office building will be open to members by appointment only for accounting, store, lockbox, and print shop support.


  • Member meetings and course offerings will continue to be conducted virtually.
  • The building is being electrostatically cleaned monthly and each workstation is sanitized daily.
  • No buffet lunches, community coffee/tea/soda/ice, etc. are being made available.
  • Signs are posted throughout indicating related policies.
  • Status of continued building operation is being evaluated routinely.


  • Entrance to the building is reduced to the front door only (side and back entrances will remain locked).
  • Members/guests entering the building are required to wear masks. Entry to the building will be denied should they choose not to wear a mask.
  • A thermal camera temperature screening unit is located in the first- floor lobby by the front door entrance.
  • To ensure safe social distancing, decals have been placed on the floor six feet outside the entrance to staff cubicles.


  • Full staff is working from the office.
  • Tempered-glass shields have been installed at the receptionist desks (1st and 2nd floors), at the service counters in both the Member Service Center and print shop and in the MLS Department.
  • Staff is required to wear masks while in the building in the hallways and common areas.
  • Upon arriving to work, staff is required to have their temperature taken daily via a thermal camera temperature screening unit.
  • A supply of masks, gloves and hand-sanitizer is being provided to staff.

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