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Friday, April 3, 2020

Virtual Open Houses

Your Columbus REALTORS® MLS staff has been working hard to bring you innovative options to keep our central Ohio housing market strong. We are happy to announce that our MLS vendor has responded to industry needs with a new option:

Virtual Open House links. Watch video.

How is a Virtual Open House different than a Virtual Tour?

Simple. Virtual Open Houses are streaming live. They are not pre-recorded, stored on the internet, and viewed by anyone, anytime. “Canned” video or pictures and sound is a Virtual Tour.

Virtual Open Houses are the live, online equivalent to an in-person open house. They are conducted to a live “audience” at a scheduled time. Only the live, online attendees see the information at the specified time.

Caution: Get written permission from the seller before you start streaming!

Show that home virtually instead of in-person


Flexmls has a brand new option for Virtual Open Houses. The new option is in the Scheduled Marketing Activities section.

As an alternative to in-person open houses, you can now enter a link to a  streaming Virtual Open House using a variety of online communication services such as Facebook Live, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams. Homebuyers or agents can join your Virtual Open Houses/Tour of Homes. The live attendees can view video streamed from your phone and ask questions during the “virtual walkthrough”.

There is help text right on the Add/Edit screen to remind agents that only online streaming sources can be entered in the URL address field.

If you enter a URL that is not recognized as a live streaming/conferencing service, Flexmls will pop-up a warning. There is a link to the list of recognized URL addresses for known web conferencing services (ie GoToMeeting, Facebook Live, etc.) right on the warning bubble.

There will certainly be a few “bumps in the road” and definitely some “growing pains”, but the new Virtual Open House is here now, and here to stay.

For additional information and the full details on this new feature in Flexmls, click here.

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