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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Maintaining professionalism in the midst of a crisis

Facebook live videos and photos require Seller's permission

As a buyer’s representative, if you are providing Facebook live, video recordings and or internal photos of a property as a value add for your prospective buyers, you must have documentation from the listing agent that the Seller has agreed in writing to allow Facebook live, videos and or photos.

Lockbox access to buyers...a BIG NO NO!

The buyer should never be permitted to enter the premises without a licensed agent unless the owner or listing agent has provided written consent. Read more.

Keybox Rules & Regulations

Columbus REALTORS Keybox Rules & Regulations.

Ohio Division & Commission: Don't grant unlicensed or unsupervised individuals access to a home

Time and time again, potential buyers are gaining access to a home and/or are being left in the property without a licensee present. Each month the Commissioners hear cases in which the salesperson (and sometimes even a broker) provided access to the listing because the agent was running late, had an urgent matter arise elsewhere, or had buyers or contractors whom the licensee has known "forever" and trusts. Most unfortunately, these cases have the potential to end badly: stolen prescription drugs, alterations and/or damage to the property prior to the transfer of possession, or other unscheduled entry to the property, and missing/stolen personal property.

Providing keys or other means of access and/or permitting an unlicensed individual unsupervised access to a listing is a violation of Ohio license law and will likely result in disciplinary action including a suspension or the licensee's license, a fine and education. Read more.

Legally speaking: Is it ever OK to let a buyer, inspector in a listing without you?


The Ohio Real Estate Commission has disciplined several licensees for allowing a buyer to enter a listing unescorted and without permission. The only way a buyer, inspector or anyone else should be allowed in a property without an agent is if the seller or listing agent has authorized this. If such permission is granted, this should be documented in your records for your protection. Read more.


Real estate open houses and showings are of concern to many, due to the uncertainty we’re faced with in dealing with COVID-19. Please consider the health of others, keep your distance and follow these guidelines.

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