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Friday, November 22, 2019

Services provided by COCIE and Catylist—unmatched!

It has been a busy and exciting time for the Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange (COCIE) Governing Board, as we have worked to continue to improve the commercial information exchange service we offer through our vendor, Catylist. Catylist has been in business for over 15 years and has been consistently growing across the county, and markets that had been reliant on Xceligent have been increasingly adopting Catylist as their new provider. Subscribers will notice a new sign-in page, and the new home page offers a useful “menu” to navigate through the most commonly used functions of the database.

Geographic Expansion
COCIE has worked with other REALTOR® associations located geographically throughout Ohio to encourage adoption of Catylist. As more subscribers are active in the database throughout the State, Catylist has been able to increase their staffing within and in support of Ohio to research and keep data up to date and accurate. This expanded geographic subscribership and increased users benefits COCIE subscribers and other commercial practitioners throughout the State. In addition to the expansion within Ohio, subscribers are able to search listings through the country, not only in Ohio.

The COCIE Board and Columbus REALTORS® staff continue to work with Catylist on data accuracy, system functionality, and other areas for continued improvement.  One Columbus (formerly Columbus 2020) and other Economic Development Organizations had input in the selection of Catylist, and COCIE has a growing number of economic development organizations as paying subscribers. We expect to continue to grow as One Columbus uses the service and as other EDOs have subscription renewals and their next year’s budgets are approved.

Reinstituting Market Advisory Groups
The COCIE Board, along with support from Catylist, has re-instituted the Industrial and Office Market Advisory Groups which now meet quarterly to review the market data and any recent changes. The first Market Advisory Group meeting occurred Wednesday, October 2nd to review Q3 2019 data. The advisory groups were well attended and were hosted at Columbus REALTORS® by three individuals from Catylist’s staff. This is something that we feel many subscribers have missed since transitioning to our new vendor, and the Board is excited to once again assist in coordinating the important meetings that help keep the data in the CIE up to date and accurate. Please let us know if you have interest in participating in one of these Market Advisory Groups in the future.

Training Users
We have held multiple live training sessions on using the Catylist system, and there are also easy to access training videos available for on-demand viewing on Catylist’s website. Additionally, there are weekly online webinars held every Thursday at 11a EST.  Check out the training videos and webinars to make sure you are aware of all the features available with Catylist, some of which had not been available in the past.
Catylist now offers the unique opportunity for the public to view listings from the database. When a subscriber’s listing is viewed by a member of the public, the subscriber’s contact info is displayed on the listing. No other non-listing agents’ contact information will appear on a subscriber’s listing. Catylist has been working on site engine optimization and other efforts to populate their data to more search results for commercial real estate searches, and the site traffic has already increased 924 percent since its launch on 4/1/19. Over time they expect the listings from Catylist to be at or near the top of relevant search results, allowing the public and potential buyers and tenants to see listings input by subscribing listing agents.

Looking Forward
We look forward to soon offering the option to pay annually, and the ability to schedule auto-pay to streamline the subscribership process and be sure your service is not interrupted due to a missed invoice. With the support of an experienced and diverse Governing Board, COCIE will continue to improve services to all commercial practitioners in the Columbus region. We feel the services provided by COCIE and Catylist are unmatched, and the fees certainly the most competitive.

In closing, we hope our members take full advantage of the services that are designed to help them to both serve their clients and enhance their real estate careers. 

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