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Friday, November 15, 2019

MLS News: Document Upload: Critical Information About Your Listing

Author(s):Matt Warren

It is very important to upload supporting documents to your listings. These documents provide critical information and disclosures about specific property features. Some attached documents are required by MLS policy while others are optional uploads. This does not indicate that the required documents are the only ones that should be uploaded. All documents help to inform potential buyers or their agents of property-specific features. They may even increase the perceived value of the property for sale.

The Lead Based Paint and Residential Property Disclosure forms are required at the federal and state level.  These critical attachments are not specifically required by MLS Policy as mandatory uploads. However, it is highly recommended that they be uploaded in a timely manner.

How do I attach documents to my listing?

  1. Login to MLS
  2. Go to Menu > Add/Change > Change Listing
  3. Select the listing to which you wish to attach a document
  4. Go to Media > Documents
  5. Click “Choose File” and select the file you wish to upload
  6. Type a Description for your file (e.g. “Lead Based Paint Addendum”)
  7. Select Public or Private.  This step is important. No branding is allowed for Public documents.
  8. Click Add

Several fields in the MLS, when marked “yes”, require the appropriate document be uploaded and attached to the listing. According to MLS Policy, failure to upload these required documents could result in an MLS fine. Review the official MLS Policy below.

1.02.15 – Required Document Not Attached to Listing
Documents that are required to be attached to listings must be uploaded within 5 business days of the listing entry date.

These documents include:
• Accessibility Features Worksheet
• Energy/Green Features Checklist
• Residential Dwelling/Other Structure for Land Property Worksheet

The required documents can be found at on the MLS Worksheets, Forms, and Contracts page.

MLS Board of Directors Report -- 8/19/19

  •  Approved of adjusting the CDOM calculation to look back 31 days for a prior listing period instead of the current 365 days, and to restore the display of CDOM on agent-only reports.
  • Changed the “type” field for BB/TR and Sub-Agency to “Dollars” and “Percent” instead of the symbols “$” and “%”.
  • Approved revisions to MLS Rules and Regulations.

MLS Board of Directors Report -- 9/23/19

  • Approved developing an API solution for data sharing to be available by 2Q20.
  • Approved replacing the Green Features checklist with the RESO Green Fields list.
  • Fee changes for Ohio licensees
  • News from the division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing: Two changes to Ohio license law will go into effect Nov. 1, 2019 affecting both real estate licensees and those seeking a license. For more information, check out announcements on page 29 in this issue.

MLS Software Operations Report
MLS Committee  •  Oct. 9, 2019

1) MLS Listing Lifecyle Graphic Created – Progression from Listed to Sold – Oct. 4

a) Helps agents and clients visualize the steps a listing must take to progress to sold
b) Lifecycle infographic can be downloaded from the MLS forms sections of

2) Display Change: Compensation, Sub-Agency, Buyer Broker/Tenant Rep – Sept. 13

a) Change affects only the way the fields are displayed on the reports
b) Data in the fields and the listing entry process have not changed
c) Previous report displayed 2 separate fields for “Amount” and “Type”.
d) New fields are concatenated and displayed in a single “Amount” field.
e) Symbols “$” and “%” have been relabeled “Dollars” and “Percent”.
f) All property types were updated to display the amount and type together.
g) Res Rental has only “Compensation” in lieu of BB/TR and SA.

3) Accessibility Features – New Expanded and Revised Worksheet for Accessible Homes – Oct. 4

a) New worksheet can be downloaded from the MLS forms sections of
b) A link for download also appears on the Add/Edit screen directly below the Accessible Features field.

4) CDOM Restored to reports. “Look Back days changed to 31” – Oct. 7

a) CDOM has been restored to the agent-only Private reports.
b) New CDOM calculation rules for 2019:

i) A newly listed property will “look back” 31 days (previously 365 days) prior to list date.
ii) If no previous listing for that property is found when looking back 31 days prior to list date, then both DOM and CDOM will start at 1.
iii) If a Sold status listing is found when looking back 31 days prior to list date, then both DOM and CDOM will start at 1.
iv) If a listing of any other status is found when looking back 31 days prior to list date, then DOM will start at 1 while CDOM will be 1+(previous listing’s CDOM)

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