Electronic KeyBox System

Members of Columbus REALTORS® use an electronic KeyBox system to provide access to real estate professionals showing listed property. The KeyBox hangs on a listed property and holds the key to the property. A special keypad is used to open the KeyBox to get the key. The central computer tracks all KeyBox activity. 

Bluetooth iBox details

  • W 3.1", D 2.5", H 8.75", Wt 2.5 lbs.
  • Long-life lithium batteries that never need replacing
  • Communication range of 3' for Bluetooth signal
  • Communication range of 1' for infrared signal
  • Store 5 keys, or 2 gate cards with 2 keys
  • Stores last 100 records records showing access to the keybox
  • Can customize access hours for weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays
  • Can only be opened by valid key
  • KeyBox shackle code required to open and custom program box

eKey details:

  • Works on Apple and Android devices
  • Beam specific showing notes, listing highlights and your business card into your iBoxes.
  • Change your own shackle codes.
  • Set access hours as you take a listing. Separate hours for weekdays, Saturday, Sunday.
  • Track your iBox inventory by MLS ID, address, and keybox number.
  • eKEY updates itself using your phone’s Internet connection.
  • Electronically send buyer’s feedback to showing agent.

XpressKEY details 

  • Keyboxes open quickly with infrared communication
  • High quality backlit screen easily readable in direct sunlight and dim light
  • Easy to use, icon-based user interface
  • Bright LED flashlight for evening showings and illuminating dark doorways
  • User-changeable PIN
  • Haptic vibrations to easily identify actions
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable, user-replaceable battery
  • Sleep and standby feature to maximize battery performance between chargers
  • Equipped with cellular radio
  • Location tracking via built-in GPS
  • Battery chargesquicly via standard mini USB
  • Compatible with iBox LE, iBox BT and iBox
  • Display language in English, Spanish or French
  • Send alert notification email
  • Display messages sent from Supra, organiztion or office broker

For more information, contact Samuel Brody at (614) 475-4000 ext. 282

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