Selling new builds during COVID-19
June 17, 2020

Selling new builds during COVID-19

Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Location:Online Meeting


 How has the coronavirus pandemic affected how we show and sell new homes. What do builders and builder reps need from real estate agents in order to affect a successful sale for the home owner? 

The Builder/REALTOR® Alliance Committee is hosting a virtual builder panel forum to address and answer these questions as well as:

  • What policies/procedures have changed since COVID-19? (i.e. regular hours/appt. only; require masks; recommending REALTORS® facetime vs. everyone coming through; online meetings for site/model/design selections, etc.)
  • What are you doing today that differs from before. Please give one example.
  • Story(s) – What unusual situation(s) have you faced because of the pandemic that required greater flexibility or a creative solution?
  • Financing – how has your builder financing been impacted? (i.e. bridge loans; overlays; higher/lower credit scores; income requirements; federal loans (forbearance); approve financing for a new loan even though old home hasn’t sold, etc.)
  • Land acquisition – how has COVID-19 impacted your near or future interest in and/or ability to acquire new land?

 Panelists will include representatives from several of our local builders. Join us for this interesting and relevant conversation!


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