Columbus REALTORS® e-notes for September 28, 2018

Appraisal Forum to address sales concessions
The objective of this very popular forum (on Oct. 11) is to field common questions and misunderstandings regarding appraisals and to foster a "We're in this together" mentality. During this forum, appraisers will address sales concessions, new construction challenges, affordable housing challenges and more. Cost is $20 by 10/10. Register.

Mortgage loans & challenged credit scores
This interactive program on Oct. 12 will address solutions for obstacles clients confront when preparing for the home buying process. Attendees will take a deep dive into credit education, credit management, credit and debt laws, decoding the credit scoring algorithm and much more. Cost: $20 if paid by 10/11. Register.

Higher sales award levels rescinded for 2018
The higher Million Dollar Club sales levels approved last month for the 2018 awards program were rescinded this week. Read more and/or send us your feedback.

0-Zone Tailgate highlights
Nearly 70 Columbus REALTORS® members, family, and friends volunteered their time and energy at the Tulane vs. Ohio State O-Zone tailgate last Saturday. Thanks to great weather and a busy crowd, volunteers sold drink tickets, poured beer, and collected tips to raise $12,559 to benefit the Columbus REALTORS® Foundation and its mission to ‘build community’. Click here to see all of the fun – GO-Bucks! 

A Big Nuisance Entering More Homes This Fall: Spiders!
More spiders will likely weave their webs inside homes this fall. Here’s how you can get rid of them.

Ethics class required by 12/31/18
In addition to the three hours of ethics required to maintain your license, every REALTOR® must complete at least 2.5 hours of ethics every two years to maintain your membership in the National Association of REALTORS®. Register for the next open Ethics course on Nov. 1. Read more about the NAR ethics requirement. 

5 ways to blend your offline and online followers
Too often agents neglect to tie their in-person and online marketing plans together. Here are some ideas for how to bring your efforts into alignment across multiple platforms.

Can challenging home design increase lifespan?
These architects believe their structure—featuring extremely uneven floors, windows of varying heights, and unusually arranged walls in 52 eye-popping colors—has the power to bring longevity.
News for your clients! 
Your inner child will love these creative ways to organize
Find creative ways to organize your home by choosing a strategy that fits you. Which of the five personalities are you? Find out here.