2020 Columbus Ohio regional home sales statistics release schedule

Jan. 22 - 2019 housing report
Feb. 21 - January housing report
Mar. 20 - February housing report
Apr. 21 - March housing report
May 21 - April housing report
June 22 - May housing report
July 22 - June housing report
Aug. 21 - July housing report
Sept. 22 - August housing report
Oct. 22 - September housing report
Nov. 19 - October housing report
Dec. 22 - November housing report

Above dates coincide with the National Association of REALTORS® News Release Schedule

News Results


Are you protecting your clients? The safety talk you need to have with clients

September is REALTOR® Safety Month, and focus is usually agent safety, but safety from your clients’ perspective presents an entirely new set of issues.


Guidance for Showings in Today's Hot Market

The Columbus real estate market is hot!  According to the recent TenX study of “healthy markets”, which is based on population and job growth, unemployment, wage growth, inventory and construction activity, Columbus ranks third behind only Tampa and Dallas.  Yes, our market is so “healthy” that we’re experiencing a lot of concurrent showings, where two, three or even more REALTORS® may be showing buyers through the same property at the same time.


More Wire Fraud cases in central Ohio

Columbus REALTORS® was recently made aware of another local title company losing in excess of $200,000. We are aware of actual losses to the central Ohio real estate industry in excess of $1.5 million within the last year while hundreds of unsuccessful attempts were also made.

Wire Fraud - two more central Ohio victims!

Wire Fraud - two more central Ohio victims!

The FBI has contacted Columbus REALTORS® to inform us of an increase in Wire/Cyber Fraud schemes. At least two additional central Ohio title companies have fallen victim to recent wire/cyber fraud activity with a combined loss of more than $300,000. Several dozen attempts have also been made on consumers and title companies.



Using Technology for your Personal Safety

September is designated nationally as REALTOR® Safety Month — a good time to look at your safety protocols and the latest in technology designed with your safety in mind!


Central Ohio REALTOR® Murdered

Police have arrested two men in connection to a body being found after firefighters extinguished what initially looked to be a routine garage fire on the South Side.


Closing Scams involving wire fraud

Multiple instances have been reported in central Ohio involving wire fraud within real estate transactions. This is happening in both residential and commercial transactions.


REALTOR® Safety -- Fight or Flight

September is designated nationally as Safety Month and a good time to bush up on important strategies to staying safe in your day to day activities. Here we discuss tips to consider if faced with physical attack.