iBox battery life 6 years – return at 20%

The Columbus Board of REALTORS® (CBR) suggests all iBox electronic key boxes with less than 20% battery life be returned and exchanged through CBR.

The iBox, manufactured by Supra, contains a lithium battery that cannot be accessed or replaced. When the battery dies, the only way to unlock an iBox is with a locksmith.

“Be sure you keep an eye on the battery life,” says Corey Skinner, CBR Director of Administrative Services. “When the iBox battery starts getting close to 20%, bring it into our KeyBox administrator Tammy Foor, she will exchange it at no cost.”

Checking the battery life is simple:
  1. Open the box
  2. Release the shackle
  3. Check the battery with your e-key or display key
For further questions about your iBox, contact Tammy Foor @ tfoor@columbusrealtors.com.