MLS News -- March/April 2019

MLS Software Operations Report -- February 13, 2019

1) ePropertyWatch released – January 22

a) Free for all MLS users (up to 2500 contacts).
b) Drip campaign for after-sale marketing.
c) Technical support directly from CoreLogic.
d) Email

2) Guided Help in Flexmls – January 23

a) Search Bar – type keywords to look for built in help.
b) Help Tours - Videos and instructions throughout Flex.
c) Smart Tips - Small question mark icons through.

3) Tax update time in MLS

a) Tax Yrly and Tax Year fields must be manually udpated.

4) Flexmls Pro for Android/Mobile Web: Sort options – January 24

a) Listings shared to a contact are now displayed in the custom sort order you’ve created.
b) Sort is applied when shared, recommending listings for a Client Portal, and Custom Collections on Client Portal.
c) Listings shared with a contact, will be displayed in the order that you arranged them before sharing.
d) Saved Listing Collection on Portal automatically sorts listings by their star rating (high to low).
e) Custom sort for Listing Collections was already available in Flexmls Pro for iOS.

5) Flexmls Pro for Android, Mobile Web and Consumers: Updated Detail Page – January 31

a) Expandable Containers:  Show More button to expand a container and view additional information.
b) Map Icon: the Map icon at the top right corner access the map location.
c) History and Tax info: The public version of listing detail page will now include separate sections for History and Tax information.

6) Flexmls Web: Video training page updates – January 31

a) More modern interface with preview thumbnails of videos.
b) Search for all videos by keyword.
c) Sort options expanded.

7) Flexmls Web: Updated look and feel for MLS # Search page – February 7

a) Menu, the MLS # search option will be renamed MLS # Search.
b) Modernized interface
c) Functionality of MLS # Search page will not change.

8) Homesnap beta test underway – January 31

a) Full release to all MLS users is February 26.

LDC will detect listing errors

Listing Data Checker (LDC) will be added to the Columbus and Central Ohio Regional MLS in late March 2019. LDC will automatically detect listing errors which will dramatically reduce the amount of time required to catch and correct incomplete or inaccurate information within the MLS. LDC will also standardize the process of tracking and reporting of MLS Policy infractions.
Listing Data Checker compares MLS listing data to the public records data in Realist. Some fields will automatically generate an email notifying the listing agent of the incorrect data found on the listing. LDC will still allow MLS staff to find, notify, and correct listing errors based on manual comparison of Realist and MLS listing data.
Integration of the Listing Data Checker system will be a work in progress.  There may be some incorrect notifications of listing errors and other unforeseen issues. Please contact the MLS department if you have any questions or feel that you have received an erroneous notification of incorrect data on your listing.  Watch for additional information about Listing Data Checker closer to the actual launch date.

MLS Board of Directors Report — 2/25/19

  • Discussed roll out of Homesnap (2/26/19). Over 1300 have signed up for training sessions.
  • Discussed progress of statewide Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) with vendor Catalyst.