New MLS Field: Green Features Y/N - Form Required

A new field, "Green Features Y/N - Form Required" has been added to the Residential property type. Because the field is brand new, it will take some time for the new field to be fully populated. Agents will be required to make a Yes or No selection in the Green Features Y/N field for all new listings. Existing listings will require a selection in the field the first time the listing is edited. If Yes is selected, then the Green Features Checklist form is required to be completed and attached as a PDF to the listing on the MLS.

This Green Features Checklist can be used to detail the green features present on a Residential property. Items on the form include Energy/Green Certifications and Energy and Water Efficient Features. The Green Features Y/N field allows agents to search specifically for listings that have "green/energy efficient features" of some type. After searching, they can then review the attached form to see all green features present on that property.

It is highly recommended that you immediately update your listing for this new field particularly if your listed property has energy efficient green features. Simply edit your listing and look for the new, required Green Features Y/N field. Do not forget to fill out and upload the complete Green Features Checklist to your listing as an attachment.

Download the Green Features Checklist  from > Tools > Worksheets, Forms and Contracts page by clicking here.