Tips for Selling Homes to Young Families

Potential home buyers with young children are a unique kind of client with different needs. Many young families have a long list of items on their checklist but not a lot of zeros in their budget. Consider the following tips on how to sell a home to a young family in the Columbus area:

1. Showcase Kid-Friendly Features

Be aware of the daily needs of young parents and feature these items during a walk through. Highlight open floor plans that will allow parents to get dinner on the table while also having a line of sight with young children playing in the family room. Point out areas of the kitchen that would streamline breakfast for kids heading off to school. Draw attention to bathrooms that have two sinks to make daily brushing less chaotic. Mention large bedroom closets that will hold not only a lot of clothing but also provide storage for toys.

2. Safety Is Key

Young families in the Columbus area require more safety precautions with little ones toddling around. Make sure to include homes for your clients that already have important safety features like porch and deck railings, a fenced in yard, and locks for doors and windows. Point out these easy to miss items to potential buyers and help them understand the safety that this will provide their growing family.

If a home has a pool or water feature, be sure to point out the pool cover, door alarms, or other safety features that will ease the mind of young parents. Another big plus for young families is the safety quality of the home’s location in Columbus. Choose homes that are set back from the street, have neighborhood sidewalks, longer driveways, and enough lawn area to encourage safe outdoor play.

3. Understand Their DIY Skills

Help your clients understand that affordable homes will also be the homes that need a little extra TLC. Gauge your client’s willingness to make these upgrades or repairs before you show the first listing. Ask them if they feel comfortable painting or doing light remodel work in order to save money on the front end of a sale. If a home is lacking landscape, ask clients if they feel comfortable taking care of the lawn or adding plants later on to boost curb appeal. This will help you understand their capabilities as well as show them homes that fit within their budget.

If a client lacks experience in DIY projects, consider showing them homes that will need minimum changes in order to suit their needs. Also, be ready to give your feedback and ideas on a room that needs a few changes here and there. Offering your opinion, and your support in what easy changes can be made, will help clients feel more confident in completing little projects.

4. Cover the Big Items

There usually isn’t a lot of extra money floating around for a younger family — careers are just being started and diapers don’t come cheap. Make sure that homes have updated HVAC systems and newer roofs to keep finances low. Younger families will not want to change out systems that will cost thousands of dollars after they buy a home. Point out recently painted homes or exterior upgrades like new windows that would also be quite an expense to complete. Show the younger family clients a home with a basic lawn and enough green space for children to use on a daily basis. Make sure that these larger items are updated or fairly new so that they won’t need to be replaced for many years.

Understanding the unique needs of a young family is key to providing them with showings that will correlate to their current stage in life. Providing them with a list of options that include safety and kid friendly features will help them choose a home that best fits their growing family. Follow the above tips in finding that perfect home for the young family on your client list.