Answering your Reappraisal Questions

This morning at Columbus REALTORS®, the Franklin County Auditor's staff addressed the 2017 reappraisal process and answered tax questions on what you and your clients need to know. Slide Deck

Under state law and Department of Taxation rules, real property in all counties is reappraised every six years and property values are updated in the third year following each sexennial reappraisal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Informal Value Reviews
An Informal Value Review is a forum meant to answer questions on the new property valuations. Property owners are asked to come prepared with documentation regarding specific issues with their new assessments. Appraisers will take notes as to the property owners' concerns and specifics regarding their property. Each property that had an Informal Value Review will then be reviewed on an individual basis to determine if there is a change of value warranted.

FYI - Of the 430,000 properties in Franklin County, they're expecting about 14,000 (3%) to be challenged. So 96-97% of Franklin County property owners will not choose to challenge their new valuation.

Informal Value Reviews – Dates/Locations – Franklin County