Commercial Member Services expanding services and growing membership

Commercial Member Services is charged with vetting new members, building awareness of Columbus REALTORS® commercial services and expanding commercial resources. As the chair for 2018, I am excited to accept these challenges and to raise the bar a bit further. Our committee has ‘seen the need, and we have taken the lead”.

Commercial Member Services has established four goals for 2018. Each of these goals will help establish legitimate and hopefully, long lasting benefits for Columbus REALTORS®.

Our first goal is to take our Preferred Vendor List and expand it to include top service providers in many areas of our business and transaction process. Thanks to last year’s chair, Christine Beckman, for her leadership and for increasing the list of vendors in 2017. My goal this year is to include a varied list of vendors so that many more can be added and that members will have convenient and complete access to a provider of service they need. We are further experimenting with a new web-based list of providers at different levels which will allow ‘preferred vendors’ the ability to more completely advertise their service through a landing page accessible off the Columbus REALTORS® site.

The new Columbus REALTORS® Commercial Real Estate Internship Program is our second goal and one that has become a passion of mine. We identified a ‘need’ in our industry to introduce younger and more broadly diverse leaders into commercial real estate sales. Our committee prepared a year of research and introduced the new Internship Program for commercial members.

Our program introduces college students to the many different careers in commercial real estate. Of course, sales, but also social media marketing, legal, research, administrative, property management and appraisal can all be included in an internship. Brokerages benefit by having a talented and eager student help in these tasks for an assigned time-period that can also include college credit. But beyond that, brokerages can fulfill an obligation to the future of our industry by providing opportunities to current students. These students come prepared to help from day one and we see this as being a significant benefit for our membership for years to come. Please contact me personally if you have questions about this new benefit (

Columbus REALTORS® offer such great educational benefits and free access to the core CE classes required. We provide Ethics, Law and Fair Housing credit at no cost for our members. Please save your money and check our online schedule to register for a class soon. Of course, we offer other classes and the best way to attend those is to purchase an EduCard Plus. The card is purchased and provides members discounts on ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions and is good for unlimited number of Columbus REALTORS® Continuing Education classes for 2018. It also provides 10 percent discount on Print Shop purchases. This includes the photo shop. I will personally tell you that no one will take a better professional photo of you than George in our studio. A professional photo for less than $40! You can’t beat that. The card can be purchased for only $75 starting April 1.

Finally, our ultimate goal is to grow our commercial membership. Our committee feels that by adding or expanding the benefits mentioned here, other REALTORS® will see the benefit of Columbus REALTORS® and join our ranks. Please feel free to recommend a friend or associate to join. We also welcome visitors to our meetings which are held every other month, first Tuesday at 11a.

Thanks to all Commercial Members Services Committee members and especially our vice-chair, Tim Norris, and our staff liaison, Brandi Mrugacz. Our work and successes would not be possible without their assistance and leadership.