MLS — A source of reliable information

When asked to Chair the 2017 MLS Committee, I had to take some time to assess what the main goals were and how to go about best achieving our purpose. That purpose is "To help provide, promote and maintain a state-of-the-art MLS system that displays data integrity and continues to meet the needs of the members and their clients." 

This year's theme of “Learn, Earn and Give Back” has offered a great opportunity to incorporate our committee agenda with our President’s motto.


  • Every meeting we start by going over the numbers ranging from data usage and technical support calls to what tools agents are needing to better assist for accurate data input. Many do not know that Columbus REALTORS® offers a monthly data accuracy class that is a good refresher for agents asking questions such as, “Where can my sign go in a picture?” (Answer: no signs are allowed in MLS pictures.), and “How do I find the correct Corporation Limit for my listing?” This class also gives the opportunity for an agent and assistant to learn how to properly input data to avoid a fine.
  • We are now entering our second year with Showing Start Date and we are constantly evaluating the policy and process of input so that agents can best serve their client’s needs. The Showing Start Date continues to offer the ability for agents to enter listings in the MLS as active with showings to start at a future date. This field can allow a seller the ability to finish those final touch-ups before their first open house. (Don't forget to add your Open House on the MLS!) It gives buyers a chance to plan for a time to view the property that fits both schedules.
  • Please remember to regularly check the Message Board on the MLS. It is our best tool for teaching and is at your fingertips with new updates, reminders, and guides to stay aware of recent and pending changes.


  • Our goal of providing a state of the art MLS system with accurate and precise data will help our clients and promote their listings. This is done by constantly evaluating vendors and products for MLS growth and stability.
  • With the ever-changing technology field, we are here to make sure our policies reflect NAR's guidelines and standards set forth by RESO. This is true, whether it be a media platform, the newest trends such as virtual staging, or 3D tours. All agents want the ability to tap into the newest technology for their business growth and earnings.
  • We want our MLS to continue be the source of reliable information as well as a tool that all agents can use to help get the most out of their business.


  • Through all our endeavors we hope that we can give back by providing information and tools that promote you, our members, and your clients.
  • We know your time is valuable and we hope to make Flexmls an easy to use system that allows you more time to give back to your local area, the Association, and our Columbus REALTORS® committees.
  • To quote Winston Churchill, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

Finally, the monthly meeting follows the Roberts Rules of Order, a parliamentary procedure for deliberation and debate which helps to make sure the majority rules but also that the minority is heard.

If you have an item or request you would like to submit to the MLS Committee, please go to and fill out the “Request for Policy and Data Field Change” form. Don't forget to have your broker sign the form as well. This gives you an opportunity to discuss it with someone first to work out any kinks.