Give back. You’ll be glad that you did!

Many of us have experienced many great and exciting moments like our first listing, our first closing, our largest transaction and being so busy that we don’t know if there’s enough hours in a day to accomplish it all.

All of these things are great and exciting for sure, however there’s more… there are other things just as fun and exciting that don’t pay a dime when they’re being done. Giving back.

As a real estate professional, instead of simply going into your community with your sign and a listing agreement, choose also to give back by volunteering to serve your Home Owner’s Association as a Trustee, sponsor the local little league team, be an advocate for the local school board, organize neighborhood garage sales. Well, you get the idea. You’ll quickly find out that your community will support those who support them.

As a REALTOR®, instead of just logging into the MLS, setting up showings, writing contracts and enjoying the fruits of the labor of many that have proceeded us, participate and be a part of shaping our industry for the current times and for those that follow us. 

Attend your local associations and participate in their tours and activities. Volunteer to become an officer.

Join a committee at Columbus REALTORS® and use your experience to collaborate with your peers to make our local marketplace operate better. 

Already doing these things? Try your hand at leadership. Apply for the Columbus REALTORS® Leadership Academy. Twelve of this year’s committee chairs are Academy graduates!

Let staff know that you’d like to give back by leading a committee or work group. Being an active participant in our Association will pay dividends, I’m sure of it!

Most importantly, as a family member, be present when you’re home and if you have children, be involved in their lives. They’re only little for a short time and they’ll remember and thank you for being engaged.  

The life of a REALTOR® can consume a person if they let it, so don’t let it!

I thank and salute you all for the great things that you’ve done and the even greater things that you will do.